It’s time to win a signed, hardcover copy my new picture book: Scampers Thinks Like A Scientist!

Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist is the book that received a five-star review from Foreward Reviews. It’s the book that nabbed a glowing notice from the difficult-to-please Kirkus. And it’s the book that stars the cutest mouse in the history of ever.

Oh. My. God. Just look at that widdle face!

So let’s get started!

How To Enter

To enter the Scampers drawing, all you need to do is leave a comment below that answers this question:

Which fictional character would you most want to have as a next-door neighbor?

That’s it! Leave a comment and you’ll be entered in the random drawing for Scampers!

But Wait!

Do you already have a copy of Scampers? That’s great! Thank you!

Enter the contest anyway.

After all, if you win, you can donate your prize to a local school or library. You’d be a hero!

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning

Want me to stuff the ballot box in your favor? No problem!

If you promote this contest on your blog, I’ll give you two extra ballots!

Don’t have a blog? No problem!

If you promote this contest on Facebook and/or Twitter, I’ll give you another extra ballot!

Want to stuff the ballot box some more? You’re getting a wee bit greedy, but no problem!

If you have read any of my other books—Everybody’s Favorite Book, or any volume in the Prince Not-So Charming series—leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads, and I’ll give you yet another ballot!

And, hey, if you want to come up with another way to promote Scampers, let me know, and I’ll almost certainly give you an extra ballot for that, too!


The drawing will be one week from today:

Tuesday, March 26.


So what are you waiting for?

Leave a comment! Get extra ballots! And WIN!

140 Replies to “WIN SCAMPERS!”

  1. I’m gonna have to give the neighbor ponder some thinking space—so many possibilities! I do have a plug for your Prince Series on Goodreads. And my unique promo idea is to buttonhole the local librarian and order the book (which I did). Leaving free copies in dentist offices is another angle…

  2. I’m going to go with The Little Mermaid since that would mean living near the ocean. Hey – Scampers Thinks Like a Pirate….sequel?

    1. You could also live on a houseboat.

      And, no, I don’t think Scampers is going to do piracy any time soon…

      And you get a ballot! And don’t forget to promote this contest for more chances to win!

    1. The problem with living next door to Merlin is that if you two ever get into an argument, he could turn you into a frog—or at the very fill your yard with poison ivy.

      And you get TWO ballots! That’s the way to do it!

  3. I love the story of Bony Legs, a terrible witch who lives in a hut with chicken legs, but I wouldn’t want to be her neighbor. The 3 Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens would be cute, but they might cry too much. I’m going with The Silver Dandelion (Robert Kraus). Dandelion would attract lots of amazing wildlife as my neighbor.

  4. Oh, so many to choose from. Right now, I’m thinking the Little Red Hen. She could be in charge of cleaning my house while I write. I hate cleaning, and this would make me very happy. In return, I’d provide her with only the highest quality of chicken feed. Seems like a fair trade.

    I’ve left reviews of two of the Prince books, Scampers, and Everybody’s Favorite. I tweeted. So there! I’m padding the ballot box, but at least I’m not photoshopping my head onto some unknown crew team member.

    1. Scampers…Prince…Everybody’s…a Tweet…

      FIVE ballots for you! Woo!

      But hey, you can bring it up to SEVEN ballots with a reblog! Just sayin’.

      And I’ll give you and extra ballot for not pretending to be on a crew team. Good job, Jilanne!

      1. I personally wouldn’t have gone the political route, but apparently scientific reasoning has become a Left Wing conspiracy. So, hey, it seems fitting.

        TWO MORE ballots for you!

  5. There is no cuter mouse face on the planet. To answer your question: I’ll go with Sherlock Holmes. He seems like a handy dude to have around. I’d love to learn from him, too.

      1. Just posted a link to this contest on my Parenting is Funny FB page. I dislike how this may lower MY chances of winning by encouraging others to enter, but… I’ll do what I must to get that little mouse in my home. (Whoa. That’s a sentence I’ve never used before.)

  6. I’ll post on Twitter; hope it helps. 🙂

    In terms of a fictional character, I’d like The Professor from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe next door (and his house and property). Not only would we have potential access to Narnia; that would also mean we’d be in England, in the country, next to an awesome house and garden. 🙂

  7. Reblogged this on Jilanne Hoffmann and commented:
    Everyone and anyone who wants to be a critical thinker needs to understand the scientific method. Perhaps a certain Cheeto-in-Chief would have taken a different path if he’d only learned this lesson. But maybe it’s not too late! Maybe if you win this book, you could send it to him. He and his henchmen could do experiments to understand the difference between fact and fiction. But wait, it’s still a book, even if it does have pictures. There are still words to be read. And I forgot for a moment that our Cheeto-in-Chief doesn’t read. His gut tells him things, kind of like a psychic. So I guess that leaves him in the group of frightened mice who believe the owl is real. Maybe that owl is a metaphor for a wall. Maybe. Maybe it’s late, and I’m rambling.

    In any case, go enter to win Mike Allegra’s new book, Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist! All you have to do is answer one thought-provoking question. I hear there’s going to be another science march. Once you read this book, you’ll be prepared. Your children/students will be prepared. But don’t expect the Cheeto-in-Chief to listen. Happy Reading!

    1. That’s an interesting choice, but if I remember correctly, Reacher is kind of a nomad, isn’t he? So he wouldn’t be your neighbor for very long.

      And you have a ballot! Do consider plugging this contest elsewhere to get more ballots and increase your chance to win.

      And Scampers IS adorable, isn’t she? Illustrator Liz Zechel is a national treasure.

  8. I’d like to live next door to Duck in the Jory John and Benji Davies books. He’s always upbeat and happy and, well, maybe a little overbearing, but I’d try to deal with that. 🙂

      1. She does indeed. 😀 She was the head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, for a while then moved on to be the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, (where Harry is now in charge, I think) before she got the top job. 😀

    1. Thanks Patricia!

      And let me just say that Remy the Rat is the best answer I’ve seen so far. He’s charming and creative, his dishes look amazing, AND he is an adorable, wee rodent. It’s a no-lose proposition.

      And you get a ballot! Good luck!

      BTW: if you want me to add more ballots with your name on ’em, do consider promoting this contest on your social media accounts.

  9. The best next door neighbour to have would be Bilbo Baggins as he’s never in so I really loud. He would put on a cracking spread for birthday’s though which would be great.

    1. A great choice. In general, The Shire seems like a pretty awesome place to live. Good food, free-flowing ale, perfect weather… And, of course, the wily Bilbo seems like a fun guy to break bread with.

  10. Reblogged this on Book to the Future and commented:
    Yet another (quality) reblog as time escapes me yet again for the second time this week. This time I share with you a chance to win a book so get involved over at Mike’s site.

  11. I never win anything, but that’s okay ‘cos I’m going to buy this book anyway. Not sure I’ll give it to my grandkids though, I love kids’ picture books 😀

  12. Good question! Dracula crossed my mind, but he doesn’t seem to be concerned about being a good neighbor. I’ll go with G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown, because he solves crimes without resorting to drugs.

    I posted on Facebook and two Twitter accounts!

      1. Yes, they do find themselves amongst the most unpleasant of people, but I think that as a child I related to the personalities of these children very much and I would have enjoyed their sort company greatly.


  13. Mike Allegra-
    I too am writing a children’s book about an animal.
    I know how much fun it is‼️
    This illustration of Scampers, and his name are adorbz‼️
    Just the mere mention of science in a children’s book is aiding American education; I laud u‼️
    Good luck‼️ And I will post this on FB‼️

      1. Ha! I’ve got four votes. I’ve got more votes than anyone. I am the best at getting votes. The very best. I don’t know anyone else who has four votes. Yippee!!!

      2. Perhaps you are best at Jil-liking. But if you do the Trump thing any more, I’m DEDUCTING your ballots!

        And, hey, if you wanna leave some Amazon/Goodreads reviews, you’ll be able to match—and perhaps surpass— Jil’s ballot totals.

        Food for thought, eh?

      3. Okay, I give! I don’t want to lose ballots. I would be the worst at that. I probably owe you a bunch of reviews. I will get on that. 🙂

  14. As a kid I would have loved living next door to Pippi Longstocking! Always an adventure. Even though I meet the criteria, I’ve won in the past, I will give someone else an opportunity.

    1. A confession: I never read the Pippi Longstocking books. I think the Disney movie scared me off, for I found Big Screen Pips to be a creepy, overly cheerful, pain in the butt.

      I assume the books are a bit more nuanced?

  15. I tweeted your post.
    As for fictional neighbor, I have to go with Thursday Next. I mean if I could travel into and out of fiction with her that would be so cool, and she has a pet dodo. My second choice is quite impractical and could require living in a swamp, but of all the good/bad guys I would want on my side, it would be Skink and a short term Florida Everglades living arrangement would be worth it.

  16. Shared on Facebook. My fictional neighbor? Max from Where the Wild Things Are. With an imagination like that, he’s got to be a party animal.

  17. OK, so Robin Newman tweeted this which brought me here for a MUCH overdue visit and I’ve spent half the night trying to figure out who I’d want as a neighbor. *sigh* I mean, that’s no small decision! Pick the wrong one and you can end up with “The Suburbs” scenario! Either that, or a dog that never stops barking. OK, so I have my reasons for all the candidates:

    • Pippi Longstocking – the first to come to mind. I mean who wouldn’t want to adventure with such a free spirit? 😀
    • Mary Poppins (the Julie Andrews version) – more adventures, all that singing and OH, that bag! 😀
    • Willy Wonka – I love the sarcasm and no-nonsense approach with all the gobstopper-greedy, misbehaving brats, but I can’t get enough of the purple velvet jacket and top hat, and, of course—all that chocolate! 😀
    • Forest Gump – the luckiest, most lovable fool who, though has much in common with Winnie the Pooh in the brain department (as do I!), can be rather wise 🙂
    • Disney’s Thumper – I really don’t think you can find anyone cuter than this foot stomping bunny with the MOST contagious giggle. Well, maybe Boo in Monsters, Inc. 😀
    • Disney’s Dory – she and I have forgetfulness in common, but that aside—she’d have me laughing all the time 🙂
    • Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother – this woman has a way with pumpkins (keep her away from Scampers!) and I really dig that wand 😀
    • Dumbledore – he is cooler than cool and, um, he has a wand too 😀
    • Gandalf – also very cool, and he doesn’t even need a wand, but–he has a staff!
    • Winnie the Pooh – he is the truest kind of friend, incredibly cuddly, and for a bear of little brain, he is rather wise in the simplest ways 🙂
    • Charlotte – also the truest kind of friend, and the only spider I’ve ever liked. She also shares the same name as my granddaughter 😀 ❤
    • Jo March – I love her spirit, her sense of decency and, of course—she's a writer 🙂
    • Scampers – OK, well, I don't actually know him yet, but I'm trying to pad my chances by buttering up the guy who created him 😀 😀 😀

    But since I'd have to live next to a group home to accommodate everyone, and that might ultimately be a bit too loud live with, I narrowed it down to the most obvious, practical choice for me. None other than:

    • Anne Shirley of Green Gables. I love everything about her and can't imagine a more delightful life if I got to hang around with her on a regular basis 😀

    And it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway—I'll post this to Facebook (not my favorite place) and will tweet. Of course, I can't tag you on Twitter because—you're still not there! Although I DO have my suspicions that the dozen faceless Mike Allegras on there are actually you 😉

    Congrats on Scampers, Mike 😀 oxox

  18. I’m too late for your contest. Had too much to fix on my site before sharing your contest post. But I couldn’t resist Scampers, and congratulating you on the success coming your way because of this new book.
    And my character that would live next door would be Sam I Am, who would feed me green coffee and let me have fun on social media but get me back in my chair to finish my to-do list on time.

  19. Darn. I missed the deadline by a day. You didn’t give us enough time! And I sent a Scampers book to my CA grandsons. My son read it to them, and he said ALL of them enjoyed it tremendously. I’ve reviewed Prince Not-So Charming as well as Everybody’s Favorite Book on Amazon. Jeez, what’s a girl gotta do to get an autographed copy?! I know, I know, I have one of your famous doodles and I’ll always be grateful for that! Now, get back to your next book.

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