Some Weeks you Write a Blog Post…

…and some weeks a long-forgotten photo you took in the 1990s ends up in USA Today.

This photo. Life can be funny sometimes.

The story, written by Lois Alter Mark, is a fun read, and something you should bookmark in case you ever find yourself in Charm City.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been missing from this blog for a pretty long time. I apologize, but my personal commitments and professional schedule aren’t yet allowing me to post on a regular basis.

It’ll happen, though. And soon! I promise!

In the meantime, take care and be well!

22 Replies to “Some Weeks you Write a Blog Post…”

  1. Annnnd my interweb feed is suddenly showing me:

    “Need AIRFARE to Baltimore?” “Best Baltimore HOTELS”

    Ah well – if they convince me to go I will inform the Chamber of Commerce to give all credit to Mike Allegra! And I will read books! Neat to have a photo credit!

  2. ALWAYS good to see you here in the blogosphere, Mike, whenever that happens. So, there’s quite a story in there, of how a 1990s photo of yours made it in a USA 2/2020 article. A well-written, fun article about Baltimore and its literary people and institutions that begins with YOUR photo. So, did they pay you for said photo, or just credit you. And should I be sending my photos to USA Today in hopes to one day be on the front of one of their articles also??? 🙂

    1. The story is unimpressive, really. The reporter send me an email that said pretty much “Hey! Can I use your photo? I’ll give your credit!” And I said “Okay!”

      And sure! Go ahead and send random photos to USA Today! I’m sure they’ll be happy and not-at-all-confused to get them.

      1. Well, I know your writing tends to be splendorific. As for wisdom? Possibilities exist. Do drop a post more often than not. Your fans are waiting for Mike-isms…

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