Boo! It’s a Halloweensie!

It’s Halloween time!


And that means it’s time for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie Contest!


Here are the rules: Entrants have to write a Halloween-themed story no longer than 100 words. (In Halloween parlance that means the story is “Fun Size.”) This story also must contain the words “trick,” “potion,” and “cobwebs.”

Here’s my submission! Enjoy!

Sprinkles’ Big Scare

Everyone laughed at chipmunk. “Scary? You?!” they scoffed. “Fat chance!”

But wee Sprinkles had a trick up his sleeve.

As the crisp Halloween day morphed into an eerie, moonless night, he toiled away, carefully following the handwritten recipe.

“It’s a potion,” the witch had assured him, “sure to strike fear into the stoutest of souls!”

…Newt eyes? Check…Cobweb ribbons? Check…

Once it was well-mixed into a slurry thick as tar, he gathered the naysayers and choked down his concoction. “Prepare to be fearful!” Sprinkles boomed.

And they were fearful—for their poor little friend had turned green with nausea.

62 Replies to “Boo! It’s a Halloweensie!”

  1. “What??? I’m here!! Sheesh!!! You woke me! Not a good thing…” she said as her eyes glowed a deep gold. As she stretched, yawned, and shook the cobwebs from her mind, they noticed…her nails were growing longer, her hair was getting thicker, and she was decidedly arching her back…menacingly. THE POTION HAD WORKED!!

    “I’ve warned you before not to startle me out of sleep…..” She snarled, “What kind of trick will it take for you to LEARN!??” she screeched!

    As they ran, screaming and terrified, they thought ‘We’ve learned!! We’ve learned!!’

  2. Poor Sprinkles! The moral: never trust a witch! Great job with your story and good luck with the contest!

  3. Poor nauseated Sprinkles! 🙂 This is how chipmunks end up in therapy. Thanks for your funny story!

  4. I love Sprinkles. But I think he learned his lesson – only use the best organic ingredients and follow a trusted recipe book

  5. You get what you stir up. Such a fantastic theme and message for kids of all ages. I greatly enjoyed the canny use of vocabulary in words and phrases like “wee” and “stoutest of souls” to add voice, while the atmospheric and original descriptions set a fantastic Halloween mood. I especially liked “[a]s the crisp Halloween day morphed into an eerie, moonless night” and “cobweb ribbons.” @AnneLipton

  6. Oh, Poor little sprinkles. Stick to the acorns dude. I would enjoy a draft with Sprinkles turning green, his cheeks filling up, and then him spewing everywhere. Too gross?

  7. Okay, I’ve got mine ‘down’ to 224 words. Just need to winnow it down a bit. Wait. WHAT? It’s November 6?? I ‘just’ missed the deadline. Sigh. Well, I never had a chance with your cute little Sprinkles tale. Hmm, I wonder if Sprinkles tail turned green too?

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