Writing Crap!

This isn’t actual crap. It’s a root beer-flavored marshmallow Peep that only looks and tastes like crap–a small-yet-significant difference!

“Writing Crap” is the title of my guest post for The Writer’s Circle’s blog. Fear not; the post isn’t actually crappy. In fact, I kinda like it! I hope you do too.

Click here and give it a read!

36 Replies to “Writing Crap!”

  1. Ok, so I stopped looking at this pic and ventured over. I agree: writing crap is a gift to the soul, especially when you can laugh doing it. Congrats on staying the course!

  2. I will pass on the Peep, Mike. Peeps are scary enough without the strange color and shape. Your writing journey is always inspiring. That second book deal is indeed elusive. Hooray for 17 books! Question: did the second book happen before or after securing an agent? I’m thinking I best get one since so many publishers only want agents submissions these days.

    1. The second book came after I got my agent. Even so, I was represented for two years before that elusive second deal came to be.

      This career loves to keep people waiting, doesn’t it?

      1. Yes, since there are so many different types of readers, it’s a guessing game to a certain extent. Following a few tried-and-true rules about what makes a good book is a good place to start, and then just have fun.

      2. Very true!

        BTW: Because of your fine recommendation, I just got my first round of questions from The Hamster Dudes! I’ve never been interviewed by rodents before! Yay!

    1. Gross. For. Real.

      I know you like to subject yourself to physical punishments on a regular basis (the evidence is right there on your blog), but eating root beer Peeps may even be beyond your capacity for pain.

  3. Wonderful article, Mike. I totally agree with it; even more, sometimes crap turns into gold. Sometimes. One of the rules in my Creative Wighting class is “be free to write the worse junk in America.” Because what’s one person’s crap is another person’s gold. Plus, we WRITERS HAVE TO HAVE FUN. Turning off the editor in our mind is a great way to have fun.

    1. Very true. Even if a manuscript I work on turns out to be crappy, snippets from said manuscript can often be recycled and inserted into “more promising” stories. When you let your creative freak flag fly, amazing and unexpected things can happen!

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