Well, that was odd…

I was interviewed by hamsters. I’m not complaining, mind you. Far from it.

I’m flattered!

The little guys graciously made room in their crazy schedules to help me promote my upcoming book.

This book. Preorder it HERE!

So, if you wanna see how that turned out, head on over to Shehanne Moore’s blog. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Thank you, Shehanne! And thank you for your hospitality, Hammies!

33 Replies to “Well, that was odd…”

  1. I tried to comment on the last blog you sent us to. Harrisburg, PA is the best town? Just south of there is another small town called New Bloomfield. There was once a one armed man who harvested an 18 acre pumpkin patch all by himself. TRUE story.

      1. Buzz is gone now but I’m sure you can find things on him. He lost his arm in the PA round house in the mid 70’s I think. Made medical history by never losing conciousness. He was a wonderful man. I miss him.

      1. I live at home with no wifi so as soon as I’m in town and can download it, I’ll totally do that! I get one bar of LTE on my cell. Just enough to pull up WordPress now and then but not enough to download anything. 🤪 The cost of living in the morning on a farm. Bare with me! I’ll get to it just as soon as I can!!

      2. I tried going into town earlier this morning to download some stuff but for whatever reason the coffee shop wifi was down 🤪 hopefully the next time I head there for farm feed they’ll be all fixed ☺️❤️

      3. As a side note I should mention that I actually read books & listen to podcasts a TON because I don’t have wifi. So I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for new things. So just know that it’s 100% not an excuse, I really truly don’t have access 😂😅 most people can’t wrap their heads around the fact there’s still people who live without it.

    1. Hey, that’s awesome! I worked for a local, twice-a-week paper as a salaried employee and did a little stringer work for a daily. If the pay wasn’t so crappy, I probably would have seriously considered making it a long-term career.

      Where did you work?

      1. Heck yeah! I agree 100% that everyone should do a stint as a news reporter 📰

        I did stringer work for about a year, then came on as the only salaried reporter for a small weekly paper that covered three towns in rural NorCal (Mount Shasta Herald, Weed Times, and Dunsmuir News). It was the same paper with slightly altered front pages for each town. They’re no longer a thing, sadly.

        But, yeah- the pay was garbage, I had no social life bc I worked overtime nearly every week, and I eventually got kicked out of the office by a stray cat. I covered everything from youth soccer to city council meetings to brew fests. After a while, I couldn’t walk my dog without having people approaching me to pitch story ideas. I do miss it sometimes.

        I learned so much. Interviewing. Accuracy. Story-telling. Typing as fast as people can speak. Generally just having as much fun as possible while working my arse off!

      2. Testify! The weekly papers required you to have your toe dipped in every aspect of news gathering. The guys at Suburban Trends even had me writing up obits from time to time.

        Personally, I loved it when people would approach me with stories. A lot of the stories were non-stories, of course, but that direct, unforced connection to the community made my job so much easier. I was on a lot of people’s speed dial.

        But, um, why (and how?) did a stray cat kick you out of the office?

  2. Read your interview… but couldn’t comment for some reason. I have issues all the time with WordPress and having to log in every single time I want to comment or Like something. It’s annoying. I always tell the system to keep me logged in, yet………. ugh.
    Anyway, I though the interview was adorable and SO appropriate for you! LOL!! Rock on Mikie!! ❤

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