Rebloggy Friday Part 6: Myths of the Mirror

There are so many awesome blogs out there…  So I thought I’d plug some of my favorites!

In my last Rebloggy Friday, I mentioned fantasy writer extraordinaire D. Wallace Peach, whose blog, Myths of the Mirror, is waaay more popular than mine. (And deservedly so!)

But after reading one of her recent posts, I thought she deserved another shout out.

In “Separating Immigrant Children From Parents” she powerfully articulates why the Trump Administration’s cruel policy toward asylum seekers not only represents an acute moral failing, but also may result in lasting biological and psychological damage to the affected children.

It is a passionate appeal backed by hard science and well worth your time. Please read it. Then share it.

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6 Replies to “Rebloggy Friday Part 6: Myths of the Mirror”

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words about the old blog, Mike, and for sharing an important post – perhaps my most important in my 5 years of blogging. I’m delighted to be rebloggied! Have a marvelous Friday and weekend full of laughter and kindness. ❤

  2. Excellent post. We are at a crossroads in our country. I don’t think anyone ever thought something like this could ever happen. It is an impulsive action that was not thought through. And now the children suffer. I saw a photo-shopped copy today of the same Time cover with Obama replacing Trump. Obama was leaning down and consoling the child.

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