Donuts! Donuts! Donuts!


Thanks to celebrated picture book author and snack cake advocate empress Susanna Leonard Hill, I learned that Friday, June 7, is National Donut Day!

I love this country.

To celebrate this event, I invite you to take a look at one of my old blog posts, where I honor The Mighty Donut in verse.

Now get out there and eat, people! Your country is depending on you!

57 Replies to “Donuts! Donuts! Donuts!”

  1. It’s already on my calendar!

    A friend and I were trying to decide whether there was a difference between donuts and doughnuts.

    We decided that doughnuts are light and fancy and may be served on actual plates, while donuts are heavier, get the job done, and may be eaten anywhere.

    I know which ones I prefer!

    1. I think you’re on to something!

      I always considered “doughnuts” and “donuts” to be different spellings for the same thing. “Donut,” however, lacks pretention. A “donut” is a snack for folks who do not put on airs.

      1. Can I just add the Wiki page on doughnuts is full of interesting information, and I just lost 10 minutes of writing time looking at it? (damn you internet for your access to more information than I shall ever need, damn you!) It says donut was created by a doughnut manufacturer who was trying to appeal to immigrants with an easier to pronounce name. (though really I think putting the confections in the window display is probably more important)

  2. It’s 6:44 in the morning here. I’ve been writing for an hour, and soon need to walk the dog, then come back for my wheat toast.

    And now, thanks to you, all I want is a SPECKLED DONUT!!! Argh…. The worst part is that in the S.F. Bay area, where the only nuts are health nuts, and the only ice cream is soy yogurt, I will not be able to find a speckled donut anywhere.

  3. Hmmm, I wonder if there is a ‘Donut Day’ here in Canada. If there is, I’ll bet Tim Hortons had something to do with it! lol

    Now, I’m off to investigate . . . 🙂

  4. Donut Day! I am so there. Today I had boring raisin bran for breakfast and was wishing I had something more exciting. So tomorrow, I will be a good American and honor National Donut Day for breakfast, and maybe also lunch and dinner.

  5. I am very thankful to be informed of this! Now I have decided to bring a couple dozen donuts (or perhaps even doughnuts) to work with me tomorrow morning to share with my co workers, most of whom are constantly on whatever the latest “fad” diet is. It won’t matter, because few can resist the temptation of free donuts, especially when placed directly in their faces. And once I’ve thrown in the added incentive: “Happy National Donut Day!” Any remaining willpower they have will crumble like the powdered sugar and chocolate sprinkles that will soon inhabit their faces and work clothes. MWOOO HOO HA HA HAAAAA!!! (Tomorrow’s gonna be great!)

  6. My husband walked in just as I started reading your post. His response, “Mmmm…DONUTS! So that’s it…donuts it is!

    By the way, ice cream is far too cool to have a day…it has a whole month! And, what better month to have it than July.

      1. When I was living in California there was a national “best ice cream” competition of which our little local mom and pop place was the second place winner! 🙂

      2. Even the lure of delicious ice cream could not get me to move close to a dairy. Phew…stinky!

  7. I only just dreamed of a day when I could eat 29 donuts without consequence, the day that fat-sucking pill is invented. The donut, one of my true loves.

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