Attention, Canadians!

Thanksgiving is Monday! Have you gotten a gift for the kiddies?

You have? Really?

Well, you should consider getting another one. Canadian children are just so friendly and polite. They deserve a second gift, really.

And I have a recommendation:

Sarah Gives Thanks cover

You can buy it here.

No need to thank me. I’m just happy I could help.

Have a great holiday, my friends!

21 Replies to “Attention, Canadians!”

      1. As a “serial focuser,” perhaps I was just projecting my own incapacity to multitask. I’ll bet Canadians can celebrate all kinds of things at once, including YOUR book. ;o)

  1. It is a MARVELOUS book for adults as well as children! I bought it to share with my little grandkiddies, but guess what? I keep it out all November on the living room table for the adults too.

  2. It’s time to begin Thanksgiving preparation. We’ll be reading Sarah again. Mike I thought about your book when we heard from an editor at the Denver-Scbwi conference. Hope this is a season filled with many Thanksgiving sales!

      1. She talked about the books they want and shared some of the current and future books during a talk on “getting in touch with your tone.” Sounds like they have some cute fiction PB coming out. She talked about how they match illustrations with the tone of the book. The editor was Kelly Barrales-Saylor. She seemed enthusiastic about working for the company and about books in general.

      2. Sarah wasn’t mentioned and I’m sure she already knows you are not a one-trick pony. I have manuscript I want to submit to them and I guess it made all think of you, Sarah, and Thanksgiving. 🙂

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