And the Doodle Winner Is…

Ooh, I can't wait!
Ooh, I can’t wait!

OK, folks, you blew me away. I just didn’t think a chance to win a personalized doodle would be all that popular.

But man, oh, man!

If you don’t count the time I was Freshly Pressed, this doodle contest is the most commented-upon post that you have ever commented upon.

I am dazzled, tickled, flattered, and a touch verklempt.

And today is the big day to see who gets the Grand Prize!


All the ballots were put into the crumpled voting hat.

Then the completely fair and impartial judge was brought in to do his duty. (Well, he’s almost impartial; he was rooting for Madame Weebles, as evidenced by his cat shirt. But impartiality aside, he is completely fair.)

He mixed the ballots well…


…and he reached for a card.

Boy picking the card

And the winner is…

Boy I got the winner right here

It is…

Boy Pensive

It. Is.

Boy Jeepers!

Boy Aaargh!


Boy the winner


Um. Ahem. I mean, TA DAAAA!

Congratulations, Jenion! You win a personalized doodle on the subject of your choice!

All you have to do is go up to the menu item that says “Write Me a Note” and, well, write me a note.


Thanks to everyone who entered! And don’t be bummed if you didn’t win. Since there is clearly such a demand for doodles, this will not be the last time you’ll have a chance to win one.

Take care and be well!

47 Replies to “And the Doodle Winner Is…”

  1. Your impartial judge is so much more cheerful about his job than mine!

    Congratulations to Jenion . . . and next time, that duck in a fedora with be MINE. 🙂

  2. NO FAAAIIIIRRRR!!! I wanted a doodle! I WANTED A DOODLE! Are you sure the names were properly mixed up? Are you sure my name was in there? Next time, NEXT TIME! Oh but…er…yes, congratulations to Jenion!

  3. In ten years or so, when we all watch the Academy Awards show, we except to see your son rising up from the audience to accept an award for BEST ACTOR. Good show, to him, and to you for doodle awarding. Congrats (jealous grrr grrrr) to Jenion.

  4. Oh no, I missed this!!! Can you give me a little prior warning before you offer something like this again, so that I don’t choose to take a three week blogging break when it happens!!! Bless – how could you be surprised how excited people were – don’t you KNOW how darn good a doodler you are?!?! Well now you do:-) Love the photos of the ‘ceremony’. Hugs, Harula xxxxxx

  5. Trust me to miss the boat . . . I mean, hat! But I already have a wonderful Christmas doodle from you, so I can’t complain. Congrats to your illustrious judge. He did such a fine job and congrats to Jenion, the lucky winner! 🙂

    1. Not only did you get a doodle, you got a blog post showing how angst-ridden the creation of that doodle was!

      Thank you for the kind words about the judge. I’m worried however. He has received such unqualified praise, he might demand a salary the next time I need him.

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