The Winning Doodle REVEALED!

The timing of my Win A Doodle Contest could not have been better.

For the past week, I haven’t been able to write well. I blame Daylight Savings Time; ever since we sprang forward, I’ve been spending my days half asleep.

Fortunately, I can doodle while half asleep. So I was able to honor the wishes of Jenion, the Win a Doodle Contest’s Big Winner.

Jenion, an avid cyclist, asked for something bicycle-related. Well, my friend, your wish is my command:


Be sure to check your mail, as I will be sending you the original drawing soon!

Take care, everyone!

40 Replies to “The Winning Doodle REVEALED!”

  1. Brilliant doodle! At first you don’t notice the training wheels, and you admire its fabulous anyway, and then a second or so later when you spot the training wheels, well, that’s the cherry on the top! (I’m not sure why I chose to wrote all that as “you” rather than “I”, but I did).

    1. At first you only notice how charming Vanessa’s comment is. Then you recognize how thoughtful it is, too. Then you can’t help but show your appreciation by saying, “Thank you!” and, “You’re very kind!”

  2. Great drawing! The high rear and the serious but zen expression… make me want to dust off my bicycle and take it for a spin (the training wheels might come in handy to navigate in the remaining snow!).

  3. I’m wheeling from your talent. Just think what you could have done with my request: a cow on a pogo stick. This, of course, is the answer to the riddle of “What’s the fastest way to get a milkshake?”
    Cow jokes are my specialty. I amaze my AP students with them constantly. Too bad the publishing world doesn’t feel the same way. Wouldn’t life be better with a cow joke in hand for those moments of despondency?

      1. Cowabunga! Udderly wonderful moodle–and the story was fab as well.
        Speaking of view stats, running your doodle announcement earned 138 views, the best of the best for one day for my site. It beat out my post about peeking at other people’s bookshelves. Whatever correlation that indicates…🐄📚

  4. Apparently, I am one of the slowest readers to come across this post! I LOVE THIS DOODLE!!!!! I cannot wait to have the original in my house – as soon as I saw it I started doing a happy dance. Spandex and helmet AND training wheels! Thank you, thank you!

  5. Spectacular doodle! 😀

    I know when I was little, I thought I was going super fast on my bike (with training wheels), and I like how your doodle captures that feeling.

    I look forward to your next contest!

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