My Very First Repost: Sunday Sketches

This is what I do with extra time on my hands.

Back in the early days of this blog, I wrote a number of posts that nobody ever saw. “Sixty-one views?” I’d say, aghast. “For the whole month?”

So, with your permission, I thought I’d pull an old post out of the pile and reintroduce it to a (hopefully) larger audience.

Feel free, as always, to comment with reckless abandon! I do so love your comments. 


One of the ways I hoped to get my (then-three-year-old) son interested in reading was to leave him little notes at the breakfast table. After all, what could be more fun than getting a loving note every morning from your dear ol’ Dad?

But, since I am incapable of doing anything in a small way, I took my note idea to the next level. It’s always fun to get mail, so I sealed each note in an envelope; printed my son’s name and address on the front; and, for that extra dose of authenticity, drew on a stamp. (“Celebrate Cows,” was the first subject.) “There!” I thought. “That will get my boy interested in reading!”

Instead, it got my boy interested in stamp collecting. From the second note on, he carefully ripped the stamp off the envelope and stored it in a shoebox. The notes were glanced at briefly, handed to Mom to read aloud, and then discarded without a second thought. So while I’m pleased to report that my son – who is now six – reads with enthusiasm, my grand note experiment had absolutely nothing to do with it.

77 Replies to “My Very First Repost: Sunday Sketches”

  1. Adorable idea . . . wish I thought of it! I used to put notes in the kids lunch bags now and then. I recently discovered one of my daughters kept them all. You are making memories!

  2. How fun! I used to write my older daughter notes for her lunch, until she decided she was too old. Now I’m writing them for my younger daughter, who is trilled she can read them all by herself.

    1. Pfft. You’re never too old for a lunch note.

      When I was around 12, I thought I was too old for toys — so I purged them from my room. To this day I’m making up for that stupid move, ’cause, well, toys are fun!

  3. Still love your drawings! 🙂 And still love you! 😉 (In a blogging buddy way, just in case anyone reads this and gets the wrong idea!).

    I particularly like the shower one, it has such movement, I can practically see the water moving.

    1. Awww! I love you right back (in the same blogging buddy kinda way, of course)!

      I drew about three dozen stamps for my little guy, and the shower one is my favorite, too. (I like the way I used color to make the kid look wet.)

  4. Although I am quite impressed by your stamps, I’m perhaps more impressed that you wrangled your 3 yr old to the breakfast table on a regular basis. Maybe that’s how good philatelists are created.

  5. I love your drawings! Something to keep in mind as your son gets older: Kids rarely do what is expected of them. I know. It’s surprising.

    I’ve been reading to my kids (now almost 12 and 10) since they were born. Seriously. Have they written a novel yet? No. I am sorely disappointed. ; )

  6. I got a chuckle when I read your son was more interested in the stamps than your notes! I do like the creativeness of your stamps though, and I’d probably have collected them, too! 🙂

    By the way, I have been thinking about your Thanksgiving craft request and came up with a couple of ideas, although I haven’t had time to try them out, yet. My first thought was a cornucopia that kids could fill with their favourite foods drawn on construction paper and cut out with safety scissors (depending on the age of the kids). The second idea was gluing cotton ball ‘whipping cream’ onto pictures of pumpkin pie, either the whole pie or just a piece of it. If these ideas appeal to you, I will try to sketch them out to see what works best. 🙂

  7. My prediction? He’s going to be an illustrator or an art collector. Or maybe he” choose to collect graphic novels? My son has recently discovered them, something I’m not too excited about at the moment. We try to lead them down the manicured garden path, but they choose the compost pile, the weeds, the untended wilderness at the garden’s edge and beyond..

    And you just reminded me that I need to send you a couple of hundreds pounds of butter….

  8. This is cute. My Dad always did fun stuff like this, but I never thought of keeping it. It would be such a treasure to come across an old box of something like this.

    Good for you for reposting. I’ve considered this myself. SOme of my early posts were great, but were only seen by five people, and four of them were probably me before I figured out how to make the site not count my own hits. **sigh** it was so hard getting started.

  9. Very cute, and any interest you generated in ANYTHING is great. I used to draw on my daughter’s paper lunch bag with she was little and off to daycare. Those little drawings you created are signs of sure-fire love and your son felt it.

  10. Mike, you do not give the boy enough credit. He obviously knew that your stamps would become a coveted item and wanted to make sure he was in possession of the first ones…which in most cases are considered to have the greatest value! 😀 😀

  11. Celebrate Cows–hmm, maybe this is the cover of thst cow joke book that I keep boomeranging around to publishers. I think it would sell if they could actually see a cow on a pogo stick *hint kaff kaff*

      1. Oh yeah, it’s ready and waiting and is being considered as we speak. But after two months I am ready to send it out to some other opportunity.

      2. 100 cow jokes, riddles, and knock knocks interspersed with fascinating facts like how many squirts it takes to fill a pail. I’m very serious about my cow jokes. I just wish publishers would take me more seriously. I have received the nicest rejection letters. Sterling almost was interested but it fell through right about the time I got my hopes up.

      3. But I’m still trotting it out to other markets. Perhaps a sample illustration is what’s needed. Maybe we email about terms. Do you charge by the hoof or pound?

      4. I’m celebrating birthdays with my grand kiddo so it will be end of the week when I get to my files. Nothing like celebrating birthday fun with an eight year old. They are magical. And their energy could could Chicago running for at least a week.

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