Goldielockup Love

About a month ago, I entered a fractured fairy tale writing contest over at Susanna Leonard Hill’s place. My entry, Golidilockup, won second place, which made me giddy.

Now Susanna has another contest, this time for illustrators. Their assignment — if they choose to accept it — is to design a book cover for any of the winning entries.

The lovely Catherine Constance threw down the gauntlet and illustrated two of the winning stories: The Princess and the Stinky Cheese by my pal, Lauri Meyers, and — you guessed it — Goldilockup!


So head on over and give Catherine some love, why don’cha?

Oh, and if you haven’t read Goldilockup yet, head over here.

UPDATE: Jumping Jehoshaphat! Other fine artists are giving Goldielockup love, too! Check out my Facebook page to see some other contest entries!


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