Here’s The Winning Doodle! (I Have More Doodle News, Too!)

She's Norwegian!
She’s Norwegian!

Last week the lovely and talented Alicia Jamtaas was the big winner of the Mike Allegra Win A Doodle Contest. Her prize was a custom made doodle of anything she wanted.

What she wanted was raven shape-shifter.

I had never heard of a raven shape-shifter before. Fortunately, Alicia clarified things:

“A raven shape-shifter is a woman who is able to shape shift into a raven. Like a selkie – woman to seal.”

“Ah!” I replied. (I decided not to mention that I had never heard of a selkie, either.)

Fantasy stuff is not really in my wheelhouse, but I figured I’d come up with something. I visited Google Images. There I discovered that no one on earth seems to agree on what a raven shape-shifter looks like.

So I winged it (so to speak).

Here’s your doodle, Alicia! I hope you like it.

This is the only time I ever see ravens.
Do forgive me. (Click to enlarge.)


This is my last post before shutting down the blog for the summer. Before I go, however, I wanted to give you one last bit of doodle-related news:


That’s right! You no longer have to win a contest to get your very own doodle. You just need to pay me. Click on the Hire Me! menu above for rates and details.


Have a great summer everyone! I’m going to miss you!

Here, lemme give you a big hug.

You deserve it!
You deserve it! (Click to enlarge.)

See you in September!

68 Replies to “Here’s The Winning Doodle! (I Have More Doodle News, Too!)”

      1. Yes, I was explaining to Laurel that I have a cat bias. I should have noticed the difference in the face and tail. It’s easy to see now that my blinders have been removed. My bad. But I’m pleased that no cats were injured during the creation of this doodle. Only pesky squirrels. How could you do this to one of your own?

      2. Sadly, the poor little squirrely angels do it to themselves.

        Please support my crowdsourcing campaign to create a network of elevated rodent crosswalks to prevent future tragedies.

      3. I’m sure the squirrels would give you an endless supply of nuts to support the campaign. The vultures, OTOH, will take a dim view of having a major source of their meal tickets eliminated.

  1. Oh, my friend, you are brilliant and a little evil. I’m sort of speechless at how screamingly funny this naughty doodle is. I love that there’s a Whatcom County sign too! This is a moment to celebrate. Now there are not one but two original Mike Allegra doodles in our darling little county. This bodes well for the Allegra Doodle Retrospective we are planning.

  2. And Whatcom County gets a shout out! You can’t be implying that shapeshifters in the form of crows regularly dine on cat roadkill in Whatcom, can you? They’re much more likely to be dining on salmon and oysters sans the tire marks.

    1. Here I must defer to Alicia as our resident expert on shape-shifters. I also think the fluffy tail implies squirrel. Oh, Writer Fellow, what did the car run over? It looks like a squirrel but knowing your unlove of cats, is it a cat-squirrel shape-shifter?

      1. Good point. Shows I have a distinct cat bias. I also assumed that the bird would love to get back at a cat. Not so much a pesky squirrel. Although the red squirrels in Maine are a cheeky bunch. They’re happy to give you a piece of their mind whenever you saunter into their territory. So maybe the raven would look forward to getting back at one of those red squirrels…

      2. Well, there has been a lot of cat doodle talk on this blog, so I can see where that bias may have originated. I have never met a Maine squirrel. That will be on my list of critters to check out next time I’m on the other side of the country to stalk Mike for more doodles.

      3. You are right, Laurel; the drive by victim is a squirrel. Considering that Jilanne has two (Can you believe it? TWO!) Allegra cat doodles, she would know what one would look like by now.


  3. Mike, you have done a magnificent job. I absolutely love my doodle (and secretly suspected you knew nothing about selkies). And to do all that research to boot! Thank you! for my Whatcom County shape-shifting raven-woman-raven-woman-ra . . . P.S. Contrary to popular belief, I think the dead critter is a squirrel ~ not someone’s pet.

  4. I love the doodle! You are getting better and better with each doodle! Have a great September and by the time you come back I’ll be able to tell you what I want commissioned. 😀

  5. I would NOT have known what a raven shape-shifter was either. First thing I figured was that it was a raven that could morph into “whatever.” But I love the look of your doodles, my dear, however “sick” they are! lol Of course, when I saw a cat as roadkill, that’s what cracked me up. THEN you have the nerve to say it’s a SQUIRREL?!! This was clearly a pointy-eared cat with a severe case of Squirrel Tail Envy 😉

    Have a fanTAStic summer, Mike, and I think it’s great that you’ve actually decided to do doodles on commission! 😀 If I could afford one (I can’t afford much of anything, even if it IS a Mike Allegra original! lol), I’d get one. Trouble is—I really don’t know what I’d ask for! lol Anyway, my dear, see you in September—or would that be October or November? 😉

  6. Why am I smiling so much at your doodle? Maybe because we’re having a squirrel battle here in our little neck of the woods. No one is winning but the squirrel, though, not the ravens/hawks/owls, not the cars, not even my guy, who chases Mr. Squirrel up a tree with claps and bad words. I think I’ll share this Allegra original with my guy – bring a squirrely smile to his face.
    Gonna miss you this summer, my blogging pal. But at least I have a fabulous Allegra doodle to stare at while I write (and there’re no dead bodies in mine – whoo hoo!!)

    1. Do let your guy know that going head to head with a squirrel is a futile exercise. Those critters are clever and ornery. I think that’s why I like them so. I have always been a big fan of clever and ornery herbivores; that’s why I also like goats.

  7. Mike, the raven shape-shifter arrived today. Oh my, she is more beautiful in person than she was on-line. The red highlights on her wings are – well – perfect!!! Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Have a wonderful summer. Alicia

  8. Yikes, I had to scroll through all the comments to be able to add my own. Worth the complete detour from work related business though, as I am left decidedly amoused (my typo made me giggle further so I’m leaving it right there) mostly I’m *amused at your post, but also the witty banter in the comments. I’ll have to ask your opinion of a doodle I’ve been working on (once finished). Thanks for the diversion mister! 😉

  9. I just discovered your blog, and you seem to be a nice person, too!
    Actually though, I love the work on here; I’m a 21-year-old student and I’ve always loved writing, but I want to become a writer! I would love it if someone who does what I would like to do (i.e. make words and get money) would check out my work! (

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