We Interrupt This Blog Break To Bring You A Cow Joke

What do you call a cow that steals?


Hey, I told you the joke was terrible.
Hey, I didn’t say it was a good cow joke.

This, my friends, is an Official Doodle Commission for the lovely, talented, and cow-obsessed Cricketmuse.

Do you want a doodle, too?

Then write me a note for rates and details!




91 Replies to “We Interrupt This Blog Break To Bring You A Cow Joke”

  1. Wonderful, Mike (the drawing, not the joke–boo)!

    My kids’ new favorite joke:

    What do you call someone who steals from a butcher shop?

    A chop lifter.

  2. Dang! All the good puns are taken! Umm… A joke?

    What lottery do cows play?
    The Cheese Stakes!

    I know. Horrible. But great doodle! 😀
    P.S. Aren’t cows beef, not ham? Unless if they steal pigs… 😉

  3. That whole being called ham thing really annoys me. Why is it not a steakburger or a beefburger? Did hamburgers used to be made with pig meat? If so, I’ll forgive. If not, I shall seethe.

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