Good Not-So Charming News

Hot dang! A cover! (Drawn by Matt Hunt)

I spent most of 2017 bearing the pseudonym Roy L. Hinuss, writing the Prince Not-So Charming book series for Macmillan. The schedule was tight (four books in seven months) and the work, coupled with my full-time job in Jersey City, exhausted me to my very core. Once I submitted the fourth and final book to the publisher, I breathed a great and weary sigh or relief. I had done it! Somehow or other I had pulled it all off!

And, almost immediately, I wanted to do it all over again because I couldn’t remember a time in my life when I felt more creatively giddy.

I yearned to write more stories about a jester prince and a knitting dragon. I wanted to write more about a retired witch and a revenge-minded horse. More about a king with stress headaches and a queen who hugs too much. More about an overprotected princess who can’t walk around the block by herself without her photo ending up on a carton of milk. I needed to more fully explore the Somewhat-Enchanted Forest. I needed to unearth the tragic backstory of a murderous jouster named Sir Lance A. Lott.

And I needed more fart jokes. Oh, how I missed the fart jokes.

Wrapping up Prince Not-So Charming was like saying goodbye to an old friend.

Until good news arrived in my email’s inbox.

My editor wants two more Prince Not-So Charming books!

Before I could even process this, more good news arrived in my snail mailbox. There it was in all of its glory! An advanced reading copy for book 1!

So I am giddy once again. And, based on my new deadlines, I guess I won’t be sleeping until February. I couldn’t be more cool with this.


61 Replies to “Good Not-So Charming News”

  1. Congratulations! That’s exciting on all counts. I love the cover.

    That had to be a stressful deadline, but how accomplished you must feel now. I look forward to ordering the book for my nieces and nephews! (Well, actually they’re great nieces and nephews, but that makes me sound so old, so let’s just leave out that adjective.)

    1. Thanks, Carrie!

      And let’s both assume that the “great” that precedes “nieces” and “nephews” refers to the children’s personalities. Your avatar photo proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are much too young to be a great aunt.

  2. Yay!!! I didn’t realize you were using a pseudonym for those. Fart side note… my copy of the classic Farty Fred has gastric onomatopoeia all around the cover, including the sound effect “Trump.”

  3. So looking forward to seeing these books! You are one of the lucky few who get to work at something they love, Wishing you a lifetime of success and smiles.

    1. Good question, Chelsea. This series is a work-for-hire assignment though Macmillan. The editors wanted a silly, royal-related name on the cover to allude to the silliness therein. So I came up with good ol’ Roy L. Hinuss.

  4. I am beyond excited! I just pre-ordered the first book in your series – and we have to wait until August 18 it says. Sigh. How do we wait that long?? Ages 5-8. I happen to know five adorably pranky little boys between those ages. None of them have birthdays in August, but they’ll be receiving a book gift anyway… Truly, Mike, major CONGRATS to a guy who deserves a huge success.

  5. Congratulations Mike! That is really great!
    However, it does prove my theory that men never get past 5th grade humor. Which is what I call bathroom humor. Hence the fart jokes.
    Now, get back to work!

    p.s. The best thing I’ve gotten in the mail lately was a free Jolly Time shopping bag that I sent proofs of purchase in to get. It’s pretty cool. Don’t be jealous.

  6. Congratulations Mike! You are so creative, with or without your fart jokes. Women don’t fart — they quietly pass air. Deadlines are great because they push you to be your best. Your adrenaline runs and takes you to creative places. This looks like a really fun series for all kids. One of my favorite stories you wrote for a contest was about Goldilocks and the three bears — Lock-up? Hope you expand that story some day, since you love fairy tales.

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