Here. Have A Book Excerpt.

Don’t worry; things improve.

The turkey was fresh from the oven. Sarah Josepha Hale asked her five children to join hands in thanksgiving.

The baby grabbed on to Sarah’s finger, but the other four hesitated. Sarah understood. They had just returned from their father’s grave and were not in a thankful mood.

So she bowed her head alone.

“Dear Lord, we are thankful for having known him,” she began. “We are thankful for his love. And we are thankful for the love we have for each other.”

As Sarah spoke, her children fumbled for each other’s hands. As one, they thanked God for their good fortune.

After she said “Amen,” Sarah sent out one last silent prayer: “Please, God, help me find a way to support my family.”

 from Sarah Gives Thanks, Albert Whitman & Co., 2012

50 Replies to “Here. Have A Book Excerpt.”

  1. Like Sarah, I think it helps to set the stage with gratitude, but I’m always hopeful that my silent prayers are the ones that are heard the loudest.

      1. Oh no…it’s aww as in heartbreakingly good. I wanted to write more but had no words considering everyone had written them :).

        I am going to get the book but didn’t want to write that either…now you made me lol

  2. Holy Samoly! I am gobsmacked!! I LOVE a children’s book that isn’t all daisies, sunbeams, and treacle. Am ordering mine through our local bookstore right now. Thank you for your lovely addition to children’s literature!

  3. Wow, so simply and effectively done and so moving, so real. Stunning! I’m a HUGE believer in gratitude and I love that it was also not forced but given time to come naturally, as it always does given the space and encouragement. Thank you!

  4. Hi Mike — Beautifully done, children are the real reason the world goes around – I loved how they fumbled for each other’s hands. I enjoyed the illustrations I think they suit your book very well. I’m excited to find you are a local writer, I’ve probably been reading tons of stuff you’ve written for the Butler papers. I am starting out with my own writing and find your story inspirational. Good luck!

      1. I am an aspiring historical fiction novelist – working on a story in colonial India. I also write short fiction – you can see some examples on my blog –
        I’d love to hear any feedback when you get a chance 🙂

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