The Stamp Act

Celebrate stamps

And the Celebrate Stamp Saga continues.

Are you not familiar with the Celebrate Stamp Saga? Well, it all began when I was forced to draw a “Celebrate Cats” stamp.

The recipient of that cat stamp was the nine-year-old son of blogger extraordinaire Jilanne Hoffmann. The young man enjoyed my doodling efforts, I’m pleased to say, and, as a thank you, he sent me a hilarious, hand-drawn comic book and a “Celebrate Falling” stamp.

I was impressed and grateful. So I sent him a thank you note with another stamp drawing, “Celebrate Comics.”

In response, he has drawn a few more stamps that Jilanne recently posted on her blog.

You get the picture, I think; I have just gotten myself entangled in a Celebrate Stamp Cold War. I suspect that I am outgunned.

But it aint over yet!  Watch your back, Hoffmanns. A Celebrate Stamp drone attack will be coming your way when you least expect it!


On an entirely different note, April is National Poetry Month!

Though I am not terribly well-versed (Ha!), I do sometimes give the rhyming thing a go. For example, thanks to Vanessa Chapman and her inexplicable love of seagulls, I was forced to write an ode to head lice.

I also bang out a couple of couplets in the comment sections of other blogs. At Catherine Johnson’s place, for example I penned this little gem:

Master Sculptor, bearing chisel,
Stopped his work to take a whizzle.
And so the marble had to wait,
For Sculptor to evacuate.

Wait! Where are you going? There’s more!

This next poem is out of season, but, hey, why not? In December, Sarah Wesson hosted a contest, asking her readers to write a poem. After a little cajoling on Sarah’s part, I wrote the following to the tune of Jingle Bells. Please feel free to sing it out loud at work:

Writing Christmas cards,
To those who do not care,
Like stupid Uncle Ted,
Does his still live there?
Oh, wait, I think he died,
Killed by a crazy tramp,
Gee, that really made my day,
I saved myself a stamp!

See how I brought the post back around to the topic of stamps? Pretty good, eh? This is why they pay me the big bucks!

But, seriously, Hoffmanns, you guys are going down.

42 Replies to “The Stamp Act”

  1. Very clever, Mike! Loved your Christmas poem and your stamp wars! 🙂

    Maybe I should send you pics of my cards & you can send me you poetic thoughts for the inside sentiment! lol

  2. I think we’re going to have to invest in some armored postal trucks, some heavy gluing and licking devices (I guess you don’t have to lick them anymore, eh?), and a semi-truck filled with paper and drawing implements.

    Art as weapons of war–but then poets are familiar with this approach. So apropos of you to include poetry in your declaration. I’ve got a post about “The Power of the Pen,” but that was purely the realm of poets (although images as political commentary were included, hmmmm). Of course the illustrators don’t want to be left out in (of) the cold (war)…so, ahem, I’ll leave you with that thought.

    I’ve got some strategizing to do with the young Master Hoffmann.

    P.S. You are a natural poet. 😮

    1. Perhaps someday soon we can do a joint contest, asking readers to contibute their own Celebrate Stamps.

      Considering that this so-called war has been described as “pleasant” and “cute,” it seems only right.

      1. Great idea! However, just the other day, I was reprimanded mightily by a certain Master Hoffmann for calling him “cute.”

        Instead, I propose we call it the “Stamp-Olympics” where prizes are awarded to the top 3 “stampletes.”

        Waddya think?

      2. Love it!

        I especially love the term “stampletes”.

        And Master Hoffmann, you’re going to need to get past that “cute” hate. Kids are always cute to their moms; that’s just the way it is and there’s not a ding-dang thing any one of us can do about it. My mom still tells ME I’m cute — and I’m a cranky old man!

  3. That was very clever, Mike! You can twist a post with the best of them 🙂 LOVE the poem from Catherine’s blog – you made me laugh out loud and the kids aren’t even awake yet – what was I thinking? Looking forward to the continuation of the stamp war!

  4. Before I could like and comment I had to check out your competition – woah do you have a worthy adversary my friend! Bring on the next battle of the stamps…and don’t spare the…felt-tip pens?

      1. When I’ve thrown in the towel, I will do a Celebrate Custard stamp.

        (Brief pause.)

        It will be Custard’s Last Stamp! Bwa-ha-ha! Get it? It’s…

        (Long, uncomfortable pause.)

        I’ll see myself out.

  5. I can see a fun kid’s poetry book in your future. We need a new Shel Silverstein – come ON!! Go for it!!! (You can even put a stamp page in there, if you insist, in the back…)

  6. ZOMG, a Stamp Throwdown! Woohoo! I’d say you’re about neck-and-neck at this point. Watch your back there, Allegra. (Yeah, I know I’m really late to this post. Sorry.)

  7. I’m even later than the weebs to this post! I hope that better late than never applies to me too! You mentioned me in your post and yet I dragged my heels and just ambled over a week later. Your poems are fab, I really did sing the jingle bells one out loud too!

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