A Celebration Resuscitation!

As some of you know, I like to draw “Celebrate” stamps. The first such stamp (Celebrate Cows!) was drawn in 2009 for my then-three year old son. Head on over to this post to learn more. (Go on. The post is short — and it has pictures!)

On a related note, if you wish to see a stamp commemorating flatulence, you need go no further than here. (You’re welcome!)

It has been years since I’ve done the stamp-drawing thing, but both my son and I missed it. So I decided the time was ripe for some more stampy celebrations. Below are a couple of new ones for your viewing pleasure. (Do forgive the faint pencil lines; these are works in progress. Click on each image to enlarge.)

Years ago I doodled stamps that celebrated both farts and snot. How I overlooked burps is beyond me. Fortunately, burps have finally gotten the recognition that deserved.
Years ago I doodled stamps that celebrated both farts and snot. How I managed to overlook burps is beyond me.
Remember the post I wrote about Butter Boy? He is an excellent low-rent substitute for an Elf On The Shelf. And, unlike the Elf On The Shelf, it is socially acceptable (and encouraged!) to shove dairy products up Butter Boy’s butt. So there’s that.
Remember the post I wrote about Butter Boy? He is an excellent low-rent substitute for an Elf On The Shelf. And, unlike the Elf On The Shelf, it is socially acceptable (and encouraged!) to shove dairy products up Butter Boy’s butt. So there’s that.
Every day my son proves that love hurts. But I'm okay with that.
Every day my son proves that love hurts. But I’m okay with that.

 Are there any subjects that you feel deserve a Celebrate Stamp? Let me know in the comments!


74 Replies to “A Celebration Resuscitation!”

  1. How about a Celebrate the Flush Rush stamp?

    You know, that feeling parents get when your kid finally remembers to flush after s/he’s done?

  2. How about one of me and my good friend Mickey meeting at Cinderella Castle? Doubt many people would want one, but I’d take hundreds!!
    Your Fairy Godmother

  3. Stamps that celebrate farts, snot, burps, and butter butts? How has the postal service not contacted you yet? I’m sure they will soon. Make sure to do the opposite of me and answer your phone!

      1. We introverts don’t like to do that. Unless it’s someone in our inner circle… (Thank goodness for caller ID and voice messages.)

  4. I love these!!! I’m too afraid to post any of my art work on here, but I so so so love these!! I think you should do a celebrate Super Hero Jack Russell’s named Thor (my dog if you couldn’t guess) lol 🙂

  5. There’s no way you are out of ideas. Here’s a few: toothbrushing, mud, watermelon, sunscreen, sprinklers, Band Aids. Oh, and sandcastles, jellyfish, frogs, tree forts, camping, and vomit.

    1. Oh, I’m not out of ideas, I’m just taking soundings, D. Wallace.

      That said, I cannot in good conscience celebrate mud or camping. (Fellow blogger Jilanne Hoffmann will back me up on this one.)

      Tree forts, however… Brilliant.

  6. The pro-email lobby would like you to make a “Stamp Out Stamps” stamp.
    Or is it “Stomp”?

  7. Topics that my eight-year old would find worthy of a stamp include: end of homework; all-hail the might Minecraft; video games rock; and take your fish/dog/algae eaters to school day stamp.

  8. Nice burp stamp. I can’t believe it took you so long to fill the gap, either.

    How about celebrating inventions. Jet packs. Water balloons. Kiwis (the birds, not the fruit). S’mores—and maybe raccoons in the same stamp. Armpit farts. Lice. Reading on the throne. Booby traps. Pranks. Pogo sticks. Vultures. You could make a stamp that would prove extraordinarily popular in California: Celebrate RAIN!!!

    How about your faves? Rodents. Squirrels. Rats….

    Celebrate Librarians! That one could go viral. 😀

    Have you thought about turning your stamps into T-shirts?

    1. You have some really good ideas, my friend! (And thank you for not using your comment as an opportunity to insist on a celebration of camping. Ugh.)

      I’m not quite sure about vultures (though they are fun to draw). And you know as well as anyone that I’ve more than paid my dues head lice-wise.

      I have no plans for T-shirt, but I am in the planning stages of a book.

      1. Now that you mention it, you’re a natural for drawing the perfect “Celebrate Camping!” stamp. I’m thinking it could be a multi-panel extravaganza. 😀

        Looking forward to the book. You know you have a long line of readers waiting for your work! In the meantime, I’d settle for a t-shirt.

      2. Perhaps Liam should cover the camping stamp. Mine would feature a poor, muddy, mosquito-bitten sap sitting in the rain.

        Hm. Come to think of it, I would have a good time drawing this one!

  9. You know how much I enjoy your stamps. And your readers have some excellent suggestions, I’ve been trying to think of some to add to the list.

    How about Dessert (have you done this one already? it feels like something you may have already done)? Goats (again, have you done this one already)? New crayons (because let’s face it, a new box of Crayolas is something to celebrate)? Yawns? Unpopped popcorn kernels? (Clearly I’m running out of ideas with that one)

    1. I cannot believe that I have yet to do a goat! (That said, my son was never as into goats as i was and since these stamps were drawn for him…)

      Speaking of goats, Anabelle, the current goaty resident of the Staten Island Zoo, is still available for kidnapping. Are you in or out?

  10. Love Hugs Hurt. What’s a good idea, hm, you seem to do great on your own. But, keeping with the fun, here are my suggestions:

    A cat’s stare or hiss.
    Celebrate Dot Day or Dr. Seuss.
    A kid laughing too hard over what he’s just read.
    Which really is mightier, the pen or the sword?
    Snow Days
    Summer Vacation

  11. Love the Hugs Hurt stamp…and the burp. Too tired to think of what to celebrate so I’ll leave that up to the other bloggers. 😉

  12. Sleeping in. Christmas morning, French toast, reading a book in a hammock which can be the official stamp of summer vacation. I can’t believe you left ear wax off the original bodily functions list. Oversight or are you deaf to its annoying place in the world?

    1. Well, Charlene, you must be new here. As an anal-retentive house husband, I consider muddy feet to be the bane of my existence.

      But, hey, welcome! Stay a while! Could I interest you in a scone?

    1. Oh, please, please, please don’t sic your Facebook Friend Army on me again! I still have a terrible case of PTSD (Post Traumatic Salamander Disorder)!

      Have mercy, Laurel! Have merrrrrcyyyy!

      1. I don’t know how to spell bbbwwwaaahhhaaahhhaaa, but that’s what I’m saying!

        Facebook Friend Army – I love it. We should get tee-shirts!

    1. It’s funny that you mention stepping on LEGOs; I had planned to put that very thing on my family seal, but changed my mind at the last minute. The subject is more than worthy of the Celebrate Stamp treatment. Consider it done.

  13. Well, of course you know what I’m going to suggest. You were hoping I wouldn’t come by here, weren’t you? You were sooooo hoping I’d just pass this one by. Nope, I’m here, and I suggest….drum roll….CELEBRATE THE BRUSSELS SPROUT!!!!!

  14. Haha!!! Butter Boy is amazing!!! Um, I don’t know. Saluting the SBD (Silent but Deadly) or Burping from A-Z. My dad used to burp the alphabet, and my name sometimes. He’s a talented guy. 🙂

  15. I think I like reading your comments as much as your posts! LOL all the way. How ’bout celebrating ear wax or nose-pickers. C’mon. Nose-pickers are everywhere, sometimes sneaking in a little scratch, sometimes openly enjoying themselves. I saw a guy in one of those tourist horse-drawn carts last week. Not only was he bigger than the poor horse, but he was enjoying himself in front of the Panthean in Rome. Tell me that didn’t get in a few snaps of visitors.

    1. I agree with you Liesa. I don’t know how I did it, but this blog has attracted a core group of awesome commenters.

      As for the Tourist Nose Picker in Rom, that photo should be put on a postcard.

  16. I must say you have a great gift. Fortunately I learned my lesson long ago and have no beverages within grasp before I read your blog. Always a fan of flatulence, I’m particularly glad I have adopted that rule. Truly your blog brings a chuckle to my day.

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