The Long Goodbye

Celebrate Haircuts-2Summer is almost here. It is time to break out the swimsuits. It is time to pretend you’re eating ice cream to “keep cool”. And, yes, it is time to get your hot weather, extra short haircut.

Summer also means it is time for me shut down the blog until September.

I’m gonna miss you guys!

I’m gonna miss you guys a lot.

You guys are wonderful, really.

Really wonderful.

In fact, you guys are so wonderful…


Check back here next Tuesday for a chance to win a gen-u-wine, custom made, Mike Allegra doodle!

Tell your friends, enemies, and frenemies! Spread the word!

It’s gonna be fun. I promise.

93 Replies to “The Long Goodbye”

  1. The only good thing about this news is I will finally be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning without fear of nasal ejection. Not really worth it. I’d rather have the laughter. But t is time to his the beach, hit the links, hit the road and come back with a plethora of stories to write. Have a great summer.

      1. Not to worry. Coffee is cheap, but laughter is priceless. By the way, do you think that silly vegetable poem could be PB? Now that I know what that means.

  2. Speaking of hot weather and trimmings…I have a crew of tree trimmers trimming the trees on my project house and it is hot as hades here. These poor guys are changing shirts every half hour…and I’m sitting here blogging in the car with my air conditioner on high. Is that wrong or what?

    You are now like a favorite show on TV and we’ll just have to wait until the next season. Just don’t leave us on a cliff hanger.

  3. I am SO glad I was able to check out your blog BEFORE this Win-a-doodle contest was over because I would’ve been SO angry to have missed it! I’ve missed visiting, but you know why 😉 It was so great to see you at the conference, Mike, and I really wish we could’ve had more hang-out time, but I was ON A MISSION! Of course, this year, I was less covert about it, too! lol

    And I love this doodle. It reminds me of my boyfriend because he HATES having his haircut so when I do it, it’s pretty mop-like lol

      1. Thanks, Mike 🙂 Of course, over the years my “Missions” seem more “Impossible”! lol NOW my great, SUPER important mission is to make sure I’m here on Tuesday! 😀 My brain is MUSH!

        P.S. I REALLY wish you would get on Twitter so you could witness how I tout you all over the Twitterverse 😀 Love you. Love you. Love you 😀

      2. I totally get it, but know that Twitter doesn’t have to take much time. That’s the beauty of it! 😀 When you’re ready, ask me how to handle it, my friend 😀

      3. Actually, yes! In reality, blue is a good color ON me, but not ACTually me as in my SKIN 😀 Of course, had I been born a Smurf… 😉

  4. Oh, if I could only convince my son to cut his hair. But as someone else said, pick the battles that are most important. I LOVE this stamp! Maybe if I show it to him, he’ll change his mind. ha!

    Sooo, this means you’re really only shutting down for July and August, so you’ll be full throttle in September, right? Can’t wait for the contest!!!!

      1. If I said that, he’d love that hair even more. For some reason, he got his father’s nature. The “I like the idea because it’s edgy, nonconformist,” nature. So I’m fighting a losing battle. Better to pick one elsewhere.

  5. I’ve never had a summer blogging break before. I might just do it this time. Look forward to your contest. Have an awesome summer.

  6. I will miss you, Mike, but you have given me a fabulous idea. I’ve been promising myself more writing time but can’t seem to push back from the keyboard enough. I’m addicted to Blog World but hey, maybe with intervention, I can hack stepping back–waayy back. I believe I’m going to try it. Thank YOU.

    Good luck with your Doodle Contest — I’ll still be here till school gets out. My cup runneth over. Why hadn’t I thought about taking a sabbatical? Duh. Thanks, Mike. Lots to do. How else will it all get done, right? R.i.g.h.t.! 😀 😀

  7. I hope you enjoy your blogcation as much as we all enjoy your doodle contests! 🙂

    (I’ve already had my summer haircut, but it’s been so hot lately that I’m wondering if I should try rocking the one you illustrated… wouldn’t cost me $40 at my usual salon, either!)

  8. Boy, we ARE wonderful! 😉 I like my hair is at a good length for me – it adds an extra 2-4 inches (not that I need it… 😉 ) but maybe I do need a slight trim…
    I will kind of, somewhat, sorta, miss you… and your hating cats references. 😉

  9. School’s out for the summer!! I’ll refrain from comments on my last haircut and just say, enjoy the summer and I will miss your posts while you’re away, minus apparently the next few weeks while you’re still blogging. You just couldn’t wait to let us know that you get the summer off? I’m jealous. 🙂

  10. That is an absolutely adorable ‘summer cut’ doodle. And I don’t use adorable offhandedly. Well, except for my late dog, he was adorable. And my flannel pajamas only allowed to be used on snowy winter nights – they’re adorable. But besides that, adorable is only used for the truly adorable like, well, like you and your writing and your doodles. Therefore, I decree – you MAY NOT take away your adorableness for the summer. That is just not fair. (Pout Pout) (but I’m pouting adorably…)

  11. Hey, Mike. I hope you have a great summer with your family. Sliding down water slides and flying through exceedingly fast rollercoasters–upside down–with your son. I will miss your comments on my blog and I will miss your witty stories. BUT, if I win the doodle contest (promise no cats–I’m adopting an older dog), but if I win, I will have a wonderful token to remember you through the coming months. and it would great next to the guarding dane. So that’s the deal. I win, I remember you. I do not win . . . hm, I guess that means I wouldn’t, nah I would. Have a terrific summer!

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