Is there a Capybara Appreciation Day?

What a great question! And YES! There is a Capybara Appreciation Day! And it’s coming SOON!

Sunday, July 10 is the big day, and thank goodness, for no creature on this big rock we all live on is more worthy of appreciation.

Seriously, what a cutie.

For those of you who’ve never heard of these guys (and for shame!), capybaras are the world’s largest rodent. They are native to South America, semi-aquatic, can weigh more than 100 pounds, and are very, very cute.

Unofficially known as “coconut doggos” and “guinea bigs,” these fine, floofy, fellas are devoted herd animals. If a capybara doesn’t have a herd of other capybaras to mingle with, she’ll happily assemble a new herd consisting of other species. Don’t believe me? Well, the internet is jam-packed with photos of capys lazily snuggling with turtles, birds, monkeys, dogs, cats, goats, pigs, guinea pigs, and about a zillion other things—so stop being such a contrarian, it’s unseemly.

Look! This capybara is hanging with a freakin’ alligator! Or maybe it’s a caiman? All I know is that thing is big and scary and Mr. Capy is like, “No biggie.”

So how can one properly celebrate this holiday?

That’s another excellent question! I have three suggestions:

1. Peruse the internet for photos and stories about capybaras. The more you learn, the more you’ll love these guys.

For example, did you hear about the capybaras who invaded a wealthy gated community in Argentina?

Did you hear about the capy (named Cheesecake) who serves as a foster mom to litters of puppies?

This is Cheesecake. Image owned by Rocky Ridge Refuge.

And did you know that if you pet a capybara in just the right way, she will floof her fur and collapse into a state of sleepy bliss? ‘Tis true!

2. Go visit your local zoo or wildlife sanctuary and see these critters up close.

Note: They’ll probably just be lying around. Unlike most rodents, capybaras don’t do many things with much urgency. Remember, capybaras are not here to entertain you; they’re here to gently encourage you to adopt a more Zen-like lifestyle.

3. Last but not least, consider preordering a book about capybaras. Not just any book, of course; that would be foolish. You’ll want to find a book that got a really, really good review from Kirkus.

This might fit the bill. Click here to preorder.

So mark your calendars, my friends, and be sure to have a happy capy day! WOO!

You know your publisher likes you when you get this little guy in the mail. Thanks, Lizzy!

48 Replies to “Is there a Capybara Appreciation Day?”

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Mike. I’ve updated my calendar and will definitely celebrate the Day of the Capybara appropriately. Or at least with heartfelt enthusiasm. Love the pics and the video, and thanks so much for making my morning brighter. (PS … I’m 99.9% sure that’s a spectacled caiman lying alongside the water’s edge with that uber-nonchalant capy, not that most folks would recognize the difference. I just happen to live where alligators are everywhere, and know they don’t have circular spots along their lower jaw, but caimans do.)

    Regardless, this was a great post, and I’m gonna pass along the link on my blog shortly, if that’s okay with you? Have a fun ThorsDay! 😁

    1. Yay! The goal of this blog is to make days brighter! I’m so glad to hear that all the cuteness has had a positive effect on you.

      Needless to say, I’d be delighted to have this post mentioned in your blog! Thanks for offering!

      And that’s a caiman, eh? Dang. I can’t keep these reptile alpha predators straight. All I know is that the capy in the caiman pic has nerves of steel (or he just very, very dumb–also a distinct possibility).

      1. The wildlife-talk-giver in me just can’t help but point out animal tidbits to folks every chance she gets. I do a talk called “Alligators, And Crocodiles, and Caimans, Oh My!” and am scheduled to repeat it soon, so it was on my mind. BUT, I 100% agree with you that it would take a critter with nerves of steel to settle down beside any of the three. And I ran late with sharing this on The Write Stuff, as I was gone all day yesterday (giving a talk again), but then I realized I wanted to post it on … tada! …Capybara Appreciation Day! So I did. It’s up now and hopefully people will enjoy learning more about the overwhelming CUTENESS factor these guys have. (Along with learning more about your blog and books too, of course!)

        Thanks again for this super post. I drug my Capybara-Neutral husband over here this morning to look at it, and he was forced to agree that they are, indeed, pretty cute. (But he says he’s going to stick with cats, which is probably a good thing, since we have four.)

        Have a great day, Mike! 😊

      2. Dang! You sure know your reptiles! All I see when I look at that capy/caiman photo is “Eek! Big scary thing!!”

        And THANK YOU for posting this on your site! You’ve done a great service to increase capy awareness everywhere (and converted your spouse to boot). I am most grateful.

        Give your four cats my best wishes!

    1. Capys are like potato chips; you can’t have just one. These guys are herd animals, so you’ll need MORE. Also, you’ll need a pond, river, or very large swimming pool because of their semi-aquatic instincts.

      They’d be a high maintenance pet.

      1. I have two dogs and a cat that is bigger than both of them combined. I could build a pond I spose………..or just buy your book and dream.

    1. I suspect capys would be fine with Cockers. I see lots of pics of domesticated capys and dogs enjoying each other’s company. Wild capys, on the other hand, can be ornery if a dog enters their turf.

  2. My spirit animal! I love capybaras! Thanks for the reminder 🙂
    The picture of the capy with the butterfly melted my heart… but then I saw the puppies!

    1. That’s a really good question! The capybara in my picture book doesn’t have a name either.

      Perhaps, when the release of Sleepy Happy Capy Cuddles gets a little closer, I’ll hold a contest. Winner gets a free book!

  3. I’ve already put dibs on your book ~ signed, as usual. I can’t wait! I have quite the stack of your wonderful books on my shelf. I’ve noted Capy Day on my calendar and will raise a glass to these fun and friendly creatures.

  4. How have I lived this long without knowing about Capybara Appreciation Day?! Those pics are adorbs. So sweet that your publisher sent you a stuffed one! No link for preordering, or did I just not find it?

      1. Since it’s a Sunday, and I don’t have any classes on Sundays, we should be safe! BTW, I texted my sister the news about CAD. She thanked me for the heads up so she can plan the celebration accordingly.

  5. It’s July 10! I’m celebrating and appreciating capybaras, your new book, and, oh, well, my granddaughter’s birthday. She’s a cuddler and cutie so she fits in with this celebration. MANY congrats. And thanks for the Zen video. It’s a great reminder to Let Go and CHILL, man, CHILLLL.

    1. Yes. Chill. In fact, my working title for Sleepy Happy Capy Cuddles was Chill Bill.

      Here’s hoping you and yours had a joyful birthday celebration! How old is your granddaughter? Is she picture book aged? ‘Cause I might wanna send her something in the fall…

      1. You are the best. Our granddaughter just turned 14! She’s the oldest. The youngest is 9. Six of them, 3 in each family. Yeah, my 2 “kids” were having a bit of a competition there I think.

      2. I will cuddle it and coddle it and place it on my living room coffee table with great fanfare. ❤ And I must tell you, I read your Thanksgiving picture book to my grandkids every year – they will NEVER get too old for good children's books!!!

  6. Happy Belated Capybara Day! I’m sorry I didn’t read this in time to celebrate but I appreciate them! They are so darn cute!! I agree 100%! I’m sure your book will make people the globe over love these awesome creatures! ❤

  7. “…they’re here to gently encourage you to adopt a more Zen-like lifestyle.” Lol. That’s a great description. I’d go to S. America just to hang out with one. Happy Cappy Day, Mike.

  8. Zen is the operative word, isn’t it? There is an image floating around the internet of Keanu Reeves dressed as a patron saint holding a capybara in his arms. I think this should be everyone’s religion.

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