Blog Loser

It happens every other year or so. I plan a little bloggy break—just a little break, mind you. Three weeks tops.

Then, about six-months-to-a-jillion-years later I think, “Oh! Right! The blog! I have one!”

That’s my problem with blogging; when I stop writing posts, I really stop writing posts. I almost aggressively stop writing posts.

I’m sorry. I don’t mean anything by it. It’s just that my mind, dazzled by the extra time on its hands, flits elsewhere. I’ll become obsessed with crossword puzzles. I’ll polish the neglected baseboards in the living room. I’ll dig into the collected works of Neil Gaiman and intimidate myself with just how awesome a writer the guy is. I’ll teach creative writing classes and (ironically) remind my students that “You have to keep to a regular writing schedule!”

Or, I’ll putz around trying to come up with The Great American Picture Book, which, I admit, has been really slow going.

The point is, I’m back now. I have things to say and news that I will dutifully report on in the coming weeks.  

The image at the top of the page is a clue as to one of those stories. Also I have more news (a sequel of sorts) regarding the image below:

‘Member this?

So, again, sorry. And sit tight. I have tales to tell.

And how have you been?

67 Replies to “Blog Loser”

  1. I just got my answer when I asked what you’ve been up to. Another book, it seems. And maybe another one!” I was going to tease you that it’s almost time for your summer blogging break. Lol. And then decided that I shouldn’t pick on you for disappearing. And then did anyway because I know you’ll laugh. Great to see a post from you, my friend. Happy Spring.

      1. …………… a hunting / fishing / outdoor gear place that also gives lessons……………*she says tentatively* ……………….

  2. Good to know you’re doing well, with or without keeping up with your blog. I’d noticed that you hadn’t been “around” for a bit, and was hoping you were just busy. I will admit polishing the baseboards didn’t cross my mind, but whatever. 😁

    At the risk of having a Neil Gaiman book book launched at my head–which I’d keep, btw, being a huge fan of his–let me ask if you still want to do a #TenThings post on my blog on June 31? If you are swamped with more needy baseboards (or anything else), just let me know, and we can easily reschedule. I’ve got several openings that would work fine for me, if the 31st is too close for comfort.

    And welcome back, my friend. You’ve been seriously missed! 😊

    1. Of COURSE I’m still on for “10 Things”! But my calendar says May 31, not June 31. I’m fine with either date, so just lemme know what works best for you.

      From this point forward the cleanliness of my baseboards are no longer a priority.

      1. That was a test, Mike. Just wanted to be sure you hadn’t lost any gray cells while taking your blogging break. (Are you buying any of this???)

        Okay, I admit I looked at my calendar wrong. Doh! You ARE scheduled for May 31, not June, and I’m happy to know you can still make that date. Looking forward to having you visit. Now remind me. Are you doing a #TenThings post, or a #FiveMoreThings post? (I know what I wrote down, but now I realize I can’t be trusted!)

        Either way, I’m looking forward to your visit! 😊

  3. Well! You’d rather clean baseboards than communicate with your die-hard followers, eh? Now we know how we rank….pretty rank! Seriously, though, I’m looking forward to Pirate & Penguin! I’ll bet it’s chock full of laughs. Also wondering about that chimp…..

  4. Weird, I actually had been wondering when I would see your next blog post, and, by gum, here it is! Happy to see it and to know that we have been doing the same things. Just this morning, I dusted all my baseboards. Hooza!

  5. Mike, sorry I couldn’t answer beneath your question, but yes, a #FiveMoreThings post is for folks who’ve done a #TenThingsPost already (like you) and would like to throw in a few more things. So, yep, half the work. I was thinking we’d talked about that, but maybe not. And if you’ve already put together ten things, you can save five of them for another time, if you like? What do you think?

      1. Obviously, incredible progress means you’re an incredible guy! And I’ll be ready to set up your post when you get it finished. Looking forward to having you visit us once again, Mike, and hope your week is off to a great start! 😊

  6. I think I’ve taken a 2 year or more hiatus from mine. I really want to give this one a proper burial, and start a brand spanking new blog. Doesn’t that sound fun? I love starting new projects. It’s what comes after that, that stops me. ha
    I’m glad you’re back. I’ve enjoyed a lot of your posts, you’re very entertaining, so if the tv isn’t working, we just read your column.
    No, not really.

    I do have a question for you. My son is interested in writing children’s books and he doesn’t know where to go to get started. He’s got one written.
    Do you have any advice or tips for him?

    And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

    1. Great to hear from you again, Judy! (And now I gotta check out your new blog.)

      As for your son, I would recommend that he join the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). There is an annual fee, but it’s well worth it; the organization connects you to industry professionals and provides countless resources for both aspiring and established writers.

      1. Thanks much, Mike. I will pass that on to him, sounds like a great resource.
        I’ll let you know when I get the new one set up.

      2. Bad luck. My title was already taken. I don’t know why it didn’t show up when I typed it in, but shortly after, when I was asking another question, someone commented it was a duplicate title. Now the tricky part is to change it. They certainly don’t like to make it easy, do they?

  7. Wow, interesting post here. Please don’t call yourself a Loser because when you do you are easily giving away your potential and you are telling yourself that you are worthless or useless.

    There is nothing wrong with getting a break but don’t vanish forever man. WordPress Bloggers need to read something from you💯💯👏

  8. Glad to see a post show up in my Inbox. I have been neglected everything associated with my blog as of late. My life is busy, but not crazy and I have days when I look at the clock and it’s 4:30 and I think “What have I done all day?” I realize I don’t even know what I am going to fix for dinner and hubby will be off work in 30 min. Oy..
    I just deleted over a hundred emails out of my Inbox (after I kept the important ones) because I can’t stand clutter (all of the crap lying around my house notwithstanding) ahem.. I need to do something about that too.
    Anyhoo.. glad to see you back! ❤

    1. I hear you, my friend. As one who works out of the house, I am simply amazed by just needy my pesky house is.

      I’m delighted to reconnect with you after my extended absence. Don’t be a stranger now. And remember, when things get busy you can always serve Hubby a bucket of KFC. Easy peasy!

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