Pirates! Penguins! Prizes!

No matter how colorfully you paint one, a penguin will never be a parrot.

I have another book coming out!

About a pirate!

And a penguin!

It’s titled Pirate & Penguin! (Titles are hard.)

The story is about a penguin who slips off his iceberg onto the poop deck of a passing pirate ship. The captain, perhaps a bit dotty from his many months on the high seas, mistakes the stowaway for a parrot and expects his new companion to govern himself accordingly. Penguin’s well-meaning efforts to talk, perch on Pirate’s shoulder, and keep things ship shape leads to mayhem. In fact, things get so out of hand, someone might end up walking the plank.

There is no feeling that can quite replicate the joy of opening a box of author copies.

Pirate & Penguin was the most fun I’ve ever had writing a picture book.

More importantly, I love the way the book turned out. (No one can do a better job at depicting seafaring chaos quite like illustrator extraordinaire, Jenn Harney.)

Pirate & Penguin has gotten good reviews, too!

“A pirate searching for a parrot and a clumsy penguin collide in this lively tale about friendship…. Inventive pirate speak and bright colors compliment this whimsical story.” —  Foreword Reviews

“An amusing romp that will have landlubbers and scurvy sea dogs alike giggling.” — Kirkus

“Although children’s library collections are not lacking in pirate stories, this fresh and funny tale makes its case for inclusion by using a pirate-ship setting to explore the nature of friendship.”  Booklist

And Page Street, my publisher, believes in this book so much, they made up a batch of P&P buttons!

Cute, right?

But here’s the best part:


All you gotta do is head over to Kathy Temean’s blog and enter the giveaway.

And who knows? You may just receive a wonderful work of kid lit—a prize at least as valuable as a medium-sized chest of buccaneer booty.

So go. Good luck. I’ll be rooting for you.

39 Replies to “Pirates! Penguins! Prizes!”

      1. My grandson and I are working on a book about Petey the Squirrel (who has a great role in MOLLY FINDS HER PURR). Now, I just need to execute (well, I mean, follow through). ;–0

  1. Congratulations, Mike! I’m excited about this one, and plan to buy several copies. One will be under the Christmas tree this year when my family comes to visit. My youngest granddaughter will love it! My oldest granddaughter turned 18 today, so not as sure about her. 😁(Though I suspect she will love READING it to her little cousin.) And I know *I* will love it, as the illustrations you’ve shared have already have me grinning, and the concept is wonderful! Wishing you HUGE success, and we can definitely promote it when you do your upcoming #FiveMoreThings post. 😊

      1. I think you may have hinted at this before, but I try not to let it go to my head. 😁 The truth is, I just “calls ’em as I sees ’em.” Your capy book won my heart (and my granddaughter’s) and generally, I recognize nice folks–like you–when I meet them. So, I reckon what we’ve got here is a mutual admiration society. 😉

        Happy writing, my friend! 😊

  2. Congratulations, Mike!
    You’re becoming quite the heavy hitter!
    You just keep hitting them out of the park and making it look easy at the same time.
    I’m happy for you. 😊

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