Everybody’s Favorite Book is here!

It’s October 30! That means BIG NEWS!

Very big. Mastodon-sized guinea pig big!

Everybody’s Favorite Book goes on sale today!

Get your copy here!

A few people have asked me what I plan to do to celebrate this occasion. My answer, I’m afraid, is: Cut My Weed-Choked Lawn. There is nothing quite like a weed-choked lawn to keep a person humble.

That said, if you’re in New Jersey this weekend, come visit me (and get a signed book)! I’m appearing at The Bookworm in Bernardsville on Saturday, November 3, at 11 am, and Little City Books in Hoboken on Sunday, November 4, at 11 am.

Hope to see you there!

31 Replies to “Everybody’s Favorite Book is here!”

  1. Googling how most authors celebrate their opening sales day, mowing their weed-choked lawn comes in at #57. It’s ranked right above cleaning out the refrigerator.
    This is what makes you so special, Mike—why go out to dinner and spend the first anticipated royalty check with loved ones when the lawn shows the world how much you care? Yup—and a hearty congrats!🍾🎊🎈

    1. LOL! Congrats and HOOray Hooray! It’s Everybody’s Favorite Day! OK, getting too rhymey here, so just going to go buy the book…

  2. You are going to actually GO to Hoboken?

    Funny story….At 18 months my second son got sick of ‘what does the cow say?’ moo; what does a pig say’ oink. So I started doing city/states to him. I’d go through all the ones that everyone can think of: NY NY, Los Angles…etc. One day I threw in Hoboken, NJ and he just started laughing. He would NEVER say it. Just sit there and LAUGH.

    Why is that?

  3. CONGRATS, Mike! I can’t wait to see this (and your other recent) books! I busted my wrist back in July and STILL can’t drive. Basically it’s DRIVING me NUTS! I haven’t been to B&N in 4 months *sigh* I hope all’s well with you and your infested lawn 😀 😉

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